Rachael + Karl

Rachael and I met at Ethos (our church) about 3 years ago, and since then she has become one of my deepest and dearest friends. She is kind, patient, generous, and tells ridiculous puns. Basically she is the Jesus-loving version of Jess from New Girl.

So when she met Karl in early fall, I knew I had to make sure he was good enough for her. And he WAS. Karl is a leader, kind, easygoing, steady, and laughs at her puns. (While I groan in the background.) When Karl visits Tulsa, I'll wake up to hear laughter coming from the kitchen. Not every once in a while- but continual peals of laughter, every 13 seconds. They are the goofiest and happiest couple I know.

So shooting them this past weekend was really a dream, because I love seeing one of my best friends in love with someone who brings out the best side of her! There's nothing quite like it.

We went out on a windy, sunny morning by the Arkansas River here in Tulsa. They were great sports, and are both easy laughers. They randomly broke out into 90's and 2000's worship songs sporadically, laughing with each other,  and at one point I even had to tell them to chill out, and stop laughing as much. (What a problem, right?) Like I said, a happy couple. 

Labor Day Weekend is their wedding, and if it reflects anything of their relationship, it's going to be a good time.