The Winn Family

Oh, the Winns. These people are kind and inviting and honest and loyal and just good people.

Monica is one of my best friends from college, and we met when we both went to Uganda on a mission trip together. I will forever give her a hard time about the time when she disappeared from our group in AFRICA and had us all in Stage 3 Level 10 panic mode. We had NO clue where she had gone, and our whole team was most definitely freaking out. About an hour after her initial disappearance, she comes walking up the side of this mountain that we're on with some Ugandans, smiling and laughing. Since then I have called her my wanderer. Since then she has also been one of the most empathetic and kind and encouraging people in my life. Just mix Cinderella (from the new movie) with Moana, you've got Monica.

So then Tyler came along a couple years later. She told me all these amazing and wonderful things about Tyler, and refused to tell me how old he was (still random and hilarious to me). She kept telling me that Tyler and I were going to hit it off, because we had the same style of humor. And luckily- we did! I love Tyler- he's like an older brother to me now. He is wise and logical and steady(which is perfect for Monica because #Uganda). But my favorite thing about Tyler, is that he is always pushing Monica to fulfill her dreams- whatever they are. He treats her like a Queen, and that puts him at the top of the list in my book. 

And then they had baby Wesley 2 months ago! (Cue all the heart eyes) #bless #bless #bless     He is just so sweet and cute and lovable. 

At this point you're probably realizing that I fangirl over these people, and you are so right. It's fine. But I really fangirl over their house that they renovated this past summer! 

So check out our shoot from this past Sunday. I have no doubt that you'll love this new family just as much as I do by the time you finish checking out these photos.