The Crews Family

I adore Emily. She and I met in college: she thought I was funny, and I thought she looked exactly like Gabriella from Highschool Musical, and we've been close friend ever since.

God bless whoever created HSM.  But really- Em is quiet and deep and and loyal and sweet and loves God more than most people I know.

Charles is the perfect match for Em- empathetic, kind, outgoing, and a leader. He loves Emily well, and is a crazy hard worker. Amalia is their first baby, and I love watching them with her! They adore her, and I have no doubt they're going to continue to be wonderful parents.

We went out to Woodward Park here in Tulsa on a sunny, Saturday morning, and the pictures turned out beautiful! We laid underneath some tall trees, found some beautiful flowers, and had some fun. Check it out!


Emily (1).jpg