oklahoma city love: jade + kalen

anybody know those couples who seem to have it together on the outside, and then once you get to know them, you realize that they have their ish together on the hard things too? they laugh at each other's jokes, sweetly hold hands, are constantly in each other's instagram stories doing cute things; but they also talk through conflict, show forgiveness on the daily, and real talk it. 

meet jade + kalen.

jade met kalen not long after a rough relationship, but his intentionality + genuine kindness is what won her over. one month after they started dating, he found out that he had qualified to play soccer professionally - okay, so casual - in florida. so immediately, they had to figure out if what had been working wonderfully for one month was worth long distance. 

it was.

jade is one of my best friends from college, and she is all of the good things you could imagine - sweet, beautiful, down to earth, kind - the list goes on. so when she told me that she met kalen I was immediately on the protective side, and wanted to make sure that this was a guy that was going to love her well. oh my goodness, does he love her well or what. that boy makes her laugh, treats her so incredibly well, and honestly encourages her in the most unselfish way I have seen thus far. he genuinely pushes her to be the best she can be with no ulterior motive other than because he loves her. and as a friend, it makes me so happy to see this.

we met up in oklahoma city on a windy saturday and wandered around. we found the coolest spots, grabbed some drinks, and talked and laughed. kalen is literally so funny, so there were so many photos of jade genuinely doubled up laughing, which made everything that much more fun. they have the best + most honest relationship and the joy between them is contagious. they've now been dating for a year + three months, so I'd say deciding to go for it long distance was worth it.

enjoy these photos of a couple that is truly living out their love through airplane rides, inside jokes, and honest conversations. the best kind of modern love.