guys, HEY THERE.

i'm rachel! i'm an enneagram two + an ESFJ, which basically means that i love talking to people and i really care about the humans in my life. i'm really tall and i love debating the love triangle from scandal with friends (team fitz all the way- back off me haterz). i abhor black coffee and am obsessed with lattes and traveling. during the day i'm an elementary school teacher and i freaking adore my 9 + 10 year olds; they're the most funny and brutally honest human beings. (remind me to tell you about the child that secretly ate my plant for a month until i noticed + his friends totally sold him out.) teaching kids in far off countries was my original dream, and jesus brought me photography and i am so incredibly happy. you know those things in life that you never would have ever asked for, but you don't know how life would even function without them? photography is that for me. i am grateful, every step of the way. 

i'm about fall bonfires and long + laughter filled reminiscing with family. i love listening to people's stories, and finding out why they are the way that they are. i love local coffeeshops, and listening to the walter mitty soundtrack while i edit. i like crazy travel stories and being reminded that the most memorable times are when things don't go according to plan. i like being in third world countries with people, staring at the vast amount of stars that seem to be so much brighter than back home. i like words of affirmation and unapologetically schooling my students on who knows harry potter better. i like sitting with someone from another culture and realizing that my way is not always the best way. i love the song cherry wine by hozier, and falling asleep to the sound of rain outside my downtown apartment.

and i love, more than anything else, being reminded that jesus is the best and most redeeming part of who i am.


my vision + heart behind photography//

as my family and i recently poured over my brother's wedding album, we laughed as we saw my grandpa dancing, teared up at my brother crying as his bride walked down the aisle, & sat in awe at the sight of the bride's mother crying as she first saw her daughter, who she had raised alone after her husband had died, putting on her wedding dress.

these are moments, moments that are true and meaningful and real; those are what i aim to capture. i am not about the posed photos- if that's the girl you're looking for, that is not me. and that's okay! i want you to have your best wedding. in a couple of years, after the flowers have wilted + your dress is being preserved- the only thing that you will be able to draw memories from are the photographs.

my heart for my photographs is that they will be ones that make your heart beat + soul soar- that they will bring back the memories, the smells, the laughter + tears. and most of all; that they would reflect YOU. your true love story, told in timeless photographs. that they would tell your own, handcrafted, genuine, real fairytale.