if you've checked around here, you probably have noticed that i adore traveling. 

i truly think it's the best thing to do- to go to another place + culture, walk the streets, listen to people's stories, and just experience life there. my favorite places in this world have been ireland, uganda, paris, & switzerland- each has views that are unbeatable, and incredible cultures. 

i've gotten the opportunity to shoot weddings + engagements in -

  • portland, oregon
  • nashville, tennessee
  • seattle, washington
  • brooklyn, new york
  • tucson, arizona
  • london, england
  • washington dc
  • shenandoah national park
  • yellowstone national park

i've gotten the amazing opportunity to travel to 18 countries & all 50 states, and i don't take that for granted- i'm grateful for each experience i've gotten to have. my passport is updated, and i am ready to go once you say the word! engagement, elopement, destination wedding- whatever you want, i'm there.